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How did Yellow Flamingo improve its Core Web Vitals by 19 points and boost its conversion rate by 24%

Optimisation conversion boutique en ligne Yellow Flamingo

Founded in 2016, YellowFlamingo.fr is now one of the leading online boutiques for children in France.

Ecomsight aims to enhance the profitability of acquisition campaigns by optimizing conversions at key stages of the customer buying journey.

Please note: Analyses and reports are personalized based on your objectives. The tools presented below may vary depending on the technologies used in your online shop.

1. Technical Performance Analysis

The main objective of this analysis is to identify and analyze technical issues (e.g., JavaScript errors) and usability problems (e.g., functional errors) that impact the key stages of the customer buying journey.

Analysis of JavaScript Errors

The aim is to identify the most recurring errors that impact the key stages of your customers’ purchasing journey (e.g., searching, adding to basket, creating an account).

We refine the analyses by type of device used (Desktop, Mobile iOS/Android, etc.), browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.), and measure the impact on the customer experience using Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Test Ecommerce erreurs javascript
Analysis of the Most Frequent Errors by Type of Device and Browser
Test Ecommerce Core Web Vitals
Analysis of Core Web Vitals on Pages Affected by Errors

Analysis of Core Web Vitals and Their Evolution

The aim is to measure the evolution of Core Web Vitals to identify periods most affected by site failures.

Recurring failures at consistent times may indicate a site that is poorly optimized during traffic peaks, for example, issues with cache configuration, CDN setup, or the loading of JavaScript/CSS files.

Comment analyser les Web Core Vitals Ecommerce
Recording of Core Web Vitals Metrics

Manual Scenario Testing on Mobile

The aim of manual testing is to identify display errors and usability issues in the site’s main functions, such as searching for a product, adding a product to the basket, and creating an account.

We test these scenarios on the browsers and devices most frequently used by our site users:

Test mobile Ecommerce iPhone 14
Test on iPhone 14 with Safari browser.
Test mobile Samsung S23 Ecommerce
Test on Samsung S23 with Samsung browser.
Test on iPad Air with Safari browser.

Automated Scenario Tests and Scalability Tests

The aim of these tests is to ensure the optimal performance of the site’s key actions, such as adding items to the basket, when faced with an increase in load (simulating an increase in visitor numbers).

The automated scenarios will be recorded and analyzed over several days and during specific communication campaigns to guarantee the relevance of the tests.

Test Ecommerce Scénarios Transactions
Automated scenario for placing a product in the shopping basket.
Test Ecommerce montée en charge
Load test with analysis of server responses.

Deliverability and Appearance Tests for Transactional Emails

The aim of these tests is to ensure the deliverability of transactional emails to customers (e.g., order confirmation and dispatch emails) and to check their appearance across the main messaging systems on both desktop and mobile.

Tester apparence emails transactionnels Ecommerce
Testing the appearance of emails in Outlook Office 365, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail app, and Apple Mail on iPhone.
Tester déliverabilité emails transactionnels Ecommerce
Tests include deliverability assessments using SPF, DKIM, DMARC, DNS settings, and SpamAssassin reports.

2. User Behavioral Analysis and A/B Tests

Analysis of Purchasing Paths

By analyzing the different buying paths, we can identify the stages with the highest abandonment rates and formulate initial hypotheses for creating A/B tests.

Analysis of Conversion Rates at Each Stage of a Purchase Path On this path, 5.23% of visitors added a product to their shopping basket.
Analysis of the Main Areas of Interaction from the Home Page The vast majority of visitors interact with the main menu and the search engine here.
Ecommerce analyses Heatmap Move map
Analysis of the main areas of Interaction from the Home Page The vast majority of visitors interact with the main menu and the search engine here.

Thanks to the collection of events configured in the online shop and sent to Google Analytics 4, it is now possible to conduct a more detailed analysis of each key stage in a customer’s purchasing journey.

Analysis of the customer buying journey with Google Analytics GA4.

A/B Tests

Created based on hypotheses, A/B tests allow several variants to be exposed to a visitor, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the customer experience and conversions at key stages in the purchasing process.

Example of a test on the product page with two variants displayed for size selection:

A/B Test Ecommerce mobile page produit
Original version on mobile.
A/B Test Ecommerce optimisation conversion mobile
Variant - Size selection on mobile.

Example of a test on the basket page to measure the effectiveness of highlighting free delivery:

A/B Test Ecommerce Conversion page panier
Original version.
A/B Test Ecommerce frais livraison panier
Variant - Free delivery for X €.

Survey and Calculation of Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This survey, displayed to customers after they have placed an order, measures the customer experience by calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and helps understand the improvements customers expect.

Sondage Ecommerce calcul NPS
First stage of the survey to calculate the NPS
Sondage Ecommerce Avis Clients NPS
Second Stage of the Survey - Areas for improvement based on the score from stage 1. Over 50% of customers favored the option of paying in installments.

3. Performance Optimization

The technical and behavioral analyses conducted on the YellowFlamingo.fr online shop have enabled us to prioritize the following actions:

  1. Optimize the loading of category and product pages.
  2. Improve conversions from product pages to the shopping basket.
  3. Improve conversions from the shopping basket to the first stage of the purchase tunnel.

In addition to the action plan, we also provide:

  • Writing tickets for the development teams (in Jira, Asana, or similar tools).
  • Sharing best practices with the Ecommerce teams to continuously optimize site performance.
Score Core Web Vitals /100
Conversion rate for 1st visit.
Order Average Value
+6.5 €
Core Web Vitals Results After Optimizing the Cache and Files (JavaScript, CSS, images) That Impact the Loading of Category and Product Pages Most Significantly.
Optimiser taux conversion et panier moyen en Ecommerce
Improvement in Overall Conversion Rate and Average Shopping Basket Size Following A/B Tests.

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